Crockett High School's

Future Teachers of America

Connecting students to careers in education
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What we do

We're proud of our staple programs, which include:
● Reading to children at our feeder schools
● Celebrating staff birthdays here at Crockett
● Organizing kids' art workshops

Frequently asked questions

"Do I have to want to be a teacher?"
Nope! While we promote careers in education,
the skills learned here can be applied nearly anywhere!

Freshman Mentorship program

Hi, future freshman!
Are you worried about high school classes, friends, or teachers?
Crockett's Future Teachers of America (FTA) members are here to support you
with our mentorship program!
As a freshman, you'll be assigned an upperclassman mentor. They can help you navigate the campus, your classes, or student leadership opportunitiesYou and your mentor will meet once or twice per week, depending on your schedulesSign up for the 2024-25 school year using the form linked below!
(Make sure you're using your AISD student email address)

For current members

Hi current FTA'ers!
Below is our calendar of events and meeting topics
Contact Tulio through Remind or email if you have questions
All meetings are in room 211 at lunch

DateTimeActivitySign-up needed?
Thursday, April 18LunchGeneral meeting: birthday cards and next-year planningNope!
Thursday, April 25LunchGeneral meeting: birthday cards and next-year planningNope!
Thursday, May 2LunchGeneral meeting: birthday cards and next-year planningNope!

General programs
"Hire" a Future Teacher: Crockett teachers can sign up to have an FTA member help them with classroom tasks during lunch. Contact Tulio if you have a spare lunch period to help organize desks, make posters, or clean art areas
Freshman Mentorship: Talk to Tulio for more information

Contact us

Mrs. Coro, our teacher sponsor, can be reached at [email protected]If you're currently a student or staff member at Crockett, talk with Mrs. Coro in room 211 or come to her room on Thursday at lunch to attend a meetingIf you're a future Crockett student, click on the link below to fill out an interest form and an FTA member will contact you once you're here